Arnold, RNC, WHNP

First Name: 
Alma P.

Arnold, RNC, WHNP

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

**Department and Services:**
Obstetrics & Gynecology

**Area of Special Interest:**
Women's Health

**Board Certification:**
National Certification Corporation (NCC)

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cambridge College
Master of Health Care Management
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Planned Parenthood

**Recognition and Awards:**
Recipient of the Outstanding & Dedicated Services award for volunteering in the Parent Aide Program for Teen Parents.

**Personal Statement:**
I chose this career partly due to my mother and because I enjoy helping people and families. After getting my advance degree, I chose to work in the community of urban areas where the need is greater. And finally as a woman of color, I wanted to bring back my knowledge & expertise to women of the community.